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Barcodes: 3,641,324
Per Site:
1000 100 10 1

Public Data Portal:

A data retrieval interface that allows for searching over 1.7M public records in BOLD using multiple search criteria including, but not limited to, geography, taxonomy, and depository.

Barcode Index Numbers:

A searchable database of Barcode Index Numbers (BINs), sequence clusters that closely approximate species.

DNA Barcode Education Portal:

A custom platform for educators and students to explore barcode data and contribute novel barcodes to the BOLD database.


An integrated data collection and analysis environment that securely supports the assembly and validation of DNA barcodes and ancillary sequences.

The Barcode of Life Data Systems is designed to support the generation and application of DNA barcode data. The platform consists of four main modules: a data portal, a database of barcode clusters, an educational portal, and a data collection workbench.

Sequence statistics


Species coverage (formally described)

Barcode clusters for animals (BINs) 377,583   Animals 152,528
All Sequences 4,187,061   Plants 57,621
Barcode Sequences 3,641,324   Fungi & Other Life 16,684

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